Bio: Looking to share my thoughts and keep my life peaceful. There is way too much drama out there and I want no part of it. Looking for the like minded.. I also am on a money making mission Via this link you can join me.. A family member introduced me to the site and she has a "real" friend that has actually cashed out and reaped the benefit of this easy money making opportunity. I don't like spam So I chose to add the link here for you as an option ...Lets see where this takes us...http://monthlyyouth.com/?ref=121191 There are no fees or money needed to start. That's why I tried this myself . I don't have money to put out as of today 7/19 I have made $215.00 I I started this on Thursday 7/17 Not bad for 2 days work You can cash out at $300. intervals I'm excited to see if this works for me If it does I'll be posting a copy of my first paypal deposit soon. Look for updates If its not something that works I will remove it and put it on my blog as a #fail But if it works I will put a big #success all over my page for sure

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