This is the begining

Welcome Friends

I have started on an adventure that can only be complete if it is a journey with friends.. I am hoping this will be somewhere where I can express myself my thoughts and release emotions … I am hoping you will benefit some way from my experiences thoughts and fears. I am hoping we can overcome things together. There are times in all our lives where we look to someone just to find that common ground Someone to look back at us and say “yes I get that” “I feel the same” or even “whoa wait I get you feel that but can you look at it this way even for a moment”

Currently I started a venture out on a couple new experiences … I am taken a back by this only because it is something I have never tried .. One is this blog .. I can and will get corny and I apologize in advance for this lol .. .Two is something a family member introduced me to yesterday and is swearing by because she has seen it work first hand .. The link below will take you to that venture if you care to join me .. We all spend way too much time on the computer any way and not trying to earn the extra cash that we need …well that would be just wrong … especially when its as easy as this is …At this time I am 24 hours in and according to their site I am $125 richer .. not bad for really no effort …

Now a little bit about me I was born and raised in NYC and moved to Northeastern Pennsylvania 19 years ago. Im the mom of 2 great kids (aren’t they all truly great I know lol) My son is 26 and my daughter is 21 Both are in the US military .. I working on my second marriage …I have worked all my life until 2010 when I fell and got hurt.. Workmans compensation runs out fast but the pains linger forever. Oh yea I turned 50 last December and had my first heart attack 10 days after my 49th birthday .. I spend most of the days of the week at one doctor or another and like I said before WAYYYY too much time online. lol

As far as online is concerned I have no experience in computers Im self taught… Which means I make mistakes … Making this blog is probably going to be more for me than for those reading it…as I wonder if anyone out here is real …

My goal of today is to be Real to you all and hope for the same in return

As I wrote all this I am hoping there is a comments section for you all to reply if you are out there lol

Time will tell I guess

Now for that link I mentioned earlier … It wont hurt to try and its part of my journey … You made it this far….If you are in need of earning a few bucks too like myself .. Roll the dice with me and take the chance …


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