The strength of one finger

The older I get there has been one constant ..Family. More specific,,, My parents..

I was blessed with a mother that was the true backbone of our family..;. Although she believed in her heart that was our dads role. I remember standing at graveside decades after dad passed away my mom was real quiet .. silent prayer we thought …maybe it was… never will be sure ..Softly she spoke “Im still mad at you” … Whoa wait not the words we expected at all .. She rarely went to his grave to visit and this… THIS… was her first words???  “Mom” we wanted to scold her that’s not how you speak to the dead but she continued “You left me left me with all these kids and you took that finger with you” It was then I realized she was jealous of the relationship we had with him. Its true all dad would have to do is point his finger … no words necessary and you would fall right into line .

As a mom now I can totally see where she was coming from …She took care of all of us ..She had seven kids total …Six of us lived in the house in groups of 3 at a time .. One lived in heaven from the day he was born. My dad passed away in the 70’s leaving her to tend to all of us. We all had a hand at testing her patience…in retrospect we would NEVER have done half of it if dad was alive.

She had reason to be “mad” at him. That finger had us all in check.

I have been married two times Neither husband had that kind of finger …My husband has the look and the whistle tho lol The kids hear that whistle from across the park and fly to him.

I wish I had a niche that got their attention …Seems screaming a lot doesn’t do what you would think it would do…lol

So tell me what gets your kids attention? or who?








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